Rear rack C-125

Rear rack C-125


Motion J Rear Rack for Honda C-125 (V.1) & (V.2)
This product is designed to add style and charm to your bike, with beauty and uniqueness in mind. 

1.features of the Motion J Rear Rack for Honda C-125 (V.1) & (V.2):
Easy installation with common tools: Can be easily installed and removed using commonly available tools, eliminating the need for a complicated installation process.
Stylish design with modern patterns and shapes: Enhances the overall appearance of your bike, making it interesting and distinctive.
Durable and sturdy: Made from high-quality materials that withstand usage and various weather conditions, allowing for versatile use.

2.Removable seat (V.1 only): Comes with a removable seat for easy installation of boxes or additional accessories.
Manufactured in Thailand.
Resilient material: Constructed from strong and weather-resistant steel for durability.
Powder-coated finish: The black sandblasted powder-coat finish ensures resistance to rust and long-term use.
With all these features, the Motion J Rear Rack for Honda C-125 (V.1) & (V.2) is the best choice to enhance the look and uniqueness of your bike.

**Please check your order to match your**

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