Center Rack C-125

Center Rack C-125


C-125 Motion J Thailand Center Guard / Center Rack

To enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your C125 Bike , Motion J Thailand recommends the C-125 Center Guard. Crafted from premium materials, this product reinforces strength and durability to effectively protect your vehicle from scratches. Not only does it provide protection, but it also allows for the convenient placement of small loads.

Key Features:

1.Easy Installation: The product is designed for easy installation with common tools, allowing you to install it yourself without the need for professional assistance. This saves both time and costs.

2.Quality Manufacturing: Importantly, all Motion J Thailand products are manufactured in Thailand, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Material: Steel
Color: Powdercoat (Black Sand)

Choose the C-125 Motion J Thailand Center Guard for a stylish and distinctive appearance, ensuring both protection and versatility for your C125 ฺBike .

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