Front Fairing for Honda CL-300/CL-500

The kit includes fairing brackets and front fairing.
Easy removal of the original front fairing.
Convenient and quick installation.
Made from fiberglass (raw material).
Color: Black

The front fairing for Honda CL-300/CL-500 is designed to easily transform the look of your motorcycle. The kit comprises fairing brackets and a front fairing, allowing you to effortlessly remove the original front fairing and install the new set quickly and without complications.

Crafted from durable fiberglass (Pure raw materials ), the fairing exhibits resilience and robustness against various weather conditions, with the ability to withstand impact forces effectively.

1.Remove the original front fairing from the motorcycle.
2.Install the fairing brackets in the designated positions.
3.Check and adjust the positioning as needed.

With this stylish and modern front fairing, you can easily enhance the sporty and dynamic appearance of your Honda CL-300/CL-500!

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