Chain guard CL-300

SKU : CL-007
Chain guard CL-300


Chain Guard Motion J Thailand for Honda CL-300/CL-500

Key Features:

1.High-Quality Material: Crafted from aluminum for strength and durability, ensuring resilience against weather conditions.
2.Aesthetic Enhancement: Featuring a Powdercoat finish in textured black, elevating the overall appearance of the chain guard.
3.Oil Residue Protection: Thoughtfully designed to thoroughly cover the chain, preventing oil residue from splattering.
4.Easy Installation: User-friendly design allows for self-installation, making it accessible for users without specialized expertise.


-Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances the visual aesthetics, capturing the attention of onlookers.
-Oil Residue Protection: Guards against oil residue that may mix with dust and accumulate on the chain and other parts of the motorcycle.
-Weather Resistance: High-quality material ensures durability and resilience to various weather conditions.

Material : Aluminium / Color : Powdercoat (Black Sand)

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