Side rack C-125

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Left side (standard Rear rack)

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Side rack C-125

Left side (standard Rear rack)
right side (standard Rear rack)
Left side (motion J Rear rack)
right side (motion J Rear rack)

the side rack options for the Honda Super Cub C125  from Motion J.

1.C-125 Side Rack:
-Designed for Honda Super Cub C125.
-Available for both left and right sides.
-Provides support for installation of various equipment.
-Attaches to the vehicle at two points for strength.
-Material: Steel
-Color: Powdercoat (black sand grain)

2.Multi-Purpose Bag Carrier from Motion J:

-Supports safe installation of various equipment.
-Maintains distance between luggage and the vehicle.
-Attaches to the vehicle at two points for strength.
-Suitable for left and right side options.
-Left side: Can install a 3L fuel tank or use it for a bag.
-Right side: Specifically for carrying  & bag.
-Material: Steel.

Color: Powdercoat (black sand grain)

Additional Information:
-The equipment set does not include the fuel tank or side bag.
-The design allows for the safe installation of various equipment.
-Left side can accommodate a 3L fuel tank or a bag, while the right side is for a bag only.

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